School of Law

Rank and Tenure Materials for School of Law


Joshua P. Fershée, JD, Dean of School of Law
joshuafershee [at] creighton [dot] edu

Jeri Janz, Executive Assistant to the Dean
jerijanz [at] creighton [dot] edu

2020-2021 School of law Rank & Tenure Committee               

Terry Anderson, JD, Chair

Term expires 2022

R. Colin Mangrum, JD

Term expires 2021

Patrick Borchers, JD
Term expires 2023

Larry Teply, JD
Term expires 2022

Kendra Fershee, JD
Term expires 2023

David Weber, JD
Term expires 2021

Irina V. Fox, JD
Term expires 2021



School of Law R&T Guidelines – Memorandum of Understanding