Adam D. Sundberg, PhD
Adam D. Sundberg, PhD

Adam D. Sundberg, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences


  • Environmental History, Historical Geographic Information Systems, Early Modern Europe

Academic Appointments


  • History


  • Associate Professor

Teaching Activity

  • A History of (Un)natural Disasters
  • Environmental Science Senior Seminar (co-instructor, Fall 2016)
  • Global Environmental History: Finding the Anthropocene
  • Global Perspectives: Europe and the World
  • History of Environmental Inequalities
  • Mapping History: Cartography from the Early Modern to the Digital Age

Publications and Presentations


  • Gemeenschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid en weerstand: De Kerstvloed van 1717 in Groningen [Communal Responsibility & Resistance: The Christmas Flood of 1717 in Groningen], Historisch Jaarboek Groningen, 32-49, 2018
  • Culling the Herds?: Regional divergences in Rinderpest mortality in Flanders and South Holland, 1769-1785, The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History/Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis, 14.3, 31-55, 2018
  • “Happy Land: Women Landowners in early West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, 1813-1845.”, Agricultural History, 90.4, 484-510, 2016
  • “An Uncommon Threat: Shipworms as a Novel Disaster.”, Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies, 40.2, 122-138, 2016
  • “Claiming the Past: History, Memory, and Innovation following the Christmas Flood of 1717.”, Environmental History, 20/2, 238-261, 2015


  • “Molluscan Explosion: The Dutch Shipworm Epidemic of the 1730s.” Environment & Society Portal. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society., Arcadia, 14, 2015
  • “Floods, Worms, and Cattle Plague: Nature-induced Disaster at the Closing of the Dutch Golden Age, 1672-1760.”, 2015


  • “Dijken, Cultuur, en Wormen: Milleugeschiedenis van de Paalworm-epidemie, 1730-33,” [Dikes, Culture, and Worms: Environmental History of the Shipworm Epidemic, 1730-33] Conference of the Stichting voor de Middeleeuwse Archeologie, Hoorn, The Netherlands., 2016
  • “Teaching Global Environmental History,” Annual Conference of the American Society for Environmental History. Seattle, USA, 2016
  • "A Decade of Disaster: Cattle Plague during the 1740s in the Netherlands,” 8th European Society for Environmental History Biennial Conference, Versailles, France, 2015
  • “The Importance of the “New”: Novelty as a Condition of Disaster Response in Early Modern Times,” Workshop: Resilience in disastrous times: the processing of historical catastrophes in the Low Countries (ca. 1600-1850), Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands., 2015
  • “An Unknown Threat: Shipworms as a Novel Disaster,” N.W. Posthumus Institute Annual Conference, Brussels, Belgium., 2015

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Northern European Environmental History. History of Disaster. History of Science and Technology. History of Climate. Geographic Information Systems for History

Current Research Projects

  • Cultural and environmental history of disaster in the Dutch 18th century. Ex. cattle plagues, river and coastal flooding, coastal bioinvasions, severe weather.